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Acqua Private Residences

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Philippines’ “first residential Eden”, better known as Acqua Private Residences, is the quintessential structure for all buildings residing near the waterside. Situated in between the countries most elite cities of Makati and Mandaluyong, this residential masterpiece is destined to make its residences feel an experience so renewing, it leaves one as high as the clouds.

World class master planner BroadwayMalyan, whose expertise is in waterside and waterfront residences, motif for the building is to emulate a type of “heaven on earth”. Clearly, anyone with eyes can witness BroadwayMalyan’s tremendous feat through the aesthetic pleasure Acqua Private Residences provides to those looking from the ground-up.

Alongside Century Properties, BroadwayMalyan ensures that their newest collaboration will make the word “paradise” synonymous with “home” to its tenants.

Take A Plunge

Among the many premium amenities Acqua Private Residences offers, one of them is the breathtaking infinity pool that overlooks the brilliant Makati skyline. With a lap pool and a lagoon pool equalling a total of three pools, Acqua Private Residences perfectly caters to their tenants aquatic needs. Besides, what’s a waterside luxury residence without an abundance of water?

The Pebble

The Pebble is the lifestyle hub of Acqua. Stocked with numerous restos, bars, cafes, and even the most fashion forward stores and boutiques, Acqua Private Residences are constantly “in-the-know”. It is also the home of the three magnificent waterfalls of the residential complex where you can enjoy the natural sounds of water as you bite into a mouthwatering dinner. The Pebble is accessible through water taxis or luxurious river transport from Makati City.

World-Class Waterside And Nature-Inspired Residential Design

Mixing the old with the new, the building’s design is inspired by other modern waterside residential communities around the world with a touch of history’s most prestigious ancient civilizations in mind. The Acqua Private Residences is mindful of its world class design, equipped with rainforest-inspired pathways, the riverwalk promenade, and sky gardens. It is a building that merges the world of the Amazon jungle with that of its wild, boisterous, concrete equivalent.

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With access to all fitness amenities like a fully equipped gym, multi-purpose studios for dance, yoga, pilates, a climbing wall, a basketball and tennis court, Acqua Private Residences keeps their tenants quality of life in mind not only through their luxurious design inside and outside the building, but as well in fitness (seen by the endless fitness related amenities). Here at Acqua Private Residence, your best life is always at the forefront of interest.

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