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Wellness Suites Niagara

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The Wellness Suites Niagara is an all-inclusive living residential development dedicated for adult living for those in their middle and senior years.

Like other adult living residences, The Wellness Suites offers both independent and assisted-living options in a very supportive environment. But unlike any other adult-living residences out there, The Wellness Suites is a place with a primary objective of getting people to live a healthier long and active life. This is done with the help of dedicated professionals providing personalized care, world-class health facilities which include advanced medicine and anti-aging services, and finally, just a perfect living environment that inspires and encourages holistic wellness.

Activity Room

In line with the objective of holistic wellness, the rooftop of Wellness Suites Niagara houses a spacious multipurpose room where residents and tenants may enjoy dance, Yoga, Tai Chi, among other healthy and recreational activities.

Fitness Facilities

The state-of-the-art fitness studio and wellness centers will make sure that you are right on track with your fitness needs. The latest Kesier machines, for instance, have pneumatic technology to make the muscles remain active but at the same time reduce shock loading. The Wellness Club houses an expert team of medical specialists and facilities. Spa services include certified therapists, massage services, a salon, and even laser treatment rooms!

Other Amenities

Other amenities include an outdoor heated salt pool, especially made for soothing relaxation and help various skin conditions, a library where one can enjoy a favourite book and cozy up in front of the fireplace, and more for you to discover!

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Aside from the various amenities that you will be able to enjoy in the Wellness Suites Niagara, you may also enjoy other services like their assisted living services, a support staff available 24/7, scheduled recreational activities to look forward to each week, and nutrition and fine dining services.

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